049 - Open one project twice


By mistake, I managed to open one and the same project twice on my computer.
(This project exists on two different places, one as “a mess” and the other as a “more organised project”, both with the same name, as one is to progressively absorb the other).

With one of both open, from within the start panel, I thought I clicked the other, but opened the same one a second time.

I think this should not be.
If a project is already open, it should just pop up.

I can reproduce this…
… and when both projects are closed, I’m there with the two start panels open…

Sorry, I’m a little confused by your description. If the same project exists in two locations then it’s not the same file anymore–it may have begun as the same project, but at this point it is two discrete projects on your computer, with different file paths, etc. and changes made in one are not affecting the other. So if you opened each of these, the computer sees them as two distinct projects and there’s no way it can know not to open one–nor is opening both going to corrupt files in either, since they’re not connected in any way. From a user standpoint of course it’s not desirable in most cases, since you might end up working in the wrong version of the project and needing to mesh changes later, but there’s unfortunately not much the program can do to stop you there. Dating the files or zipping the older version might help keep things straight (I do both).

I’m not able to reproduce the issue you’re seeing otherwise–opening a project, then going to the New Project window and choosing Open Existing Project or just selecting File>Open and selecting the exact same file (same location as the open one) does just call the already open project into focus. I’ve tried opening a ProjectA and then opening it again through both these methods as well as opening ProjectA, then ProjectB, then (from Project B’s window) opening ProjectA again–same results. Are there other steps I’m missing?

Sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned how I happened to open twice the same.

I really had twice the same project open, there were two sessions of Scrivener, and after closing the project twice, I was there with two start panels.

When that happened, I could repeat it.
But right now, I tried to do it again, and I get the expected response.

Snap, I meant to ask about that and got distracted. Yes, you shouldn’t ever get two start panels unless you have two separate instances of Scrivener running, and that should only be possible if you have a parallel install–e.g. maybe you installed 046 to your Documents directory and then installed 049 to Program Files. It shouldn’t be possible to launch the second installation from within the New Start panel, however, so the only way I can think off the top of my head to do this is accidentally if to have one version running which is not set as the default program, and then to double-click the .scrivx of a project from Windows Explorer and have it open in the default Scrivener, in this case then opening a second instance (a different version). Even then though you should get a warning about the project already being open which you’d need to click through in order to complete opening the project, so this still all sounds mysterious.

If you do get this again, please let me know. Meanwhile, I’d double-check your system for older versions of Scrivener you might have installed somewhere.

There were NO older versions of Scrivener installed : The last time we had to uninstall before installing the new version, I have checked this in Control Panel.

The only thing that could have been implied is the fact that when I got the 047 beta, I did as told by Lee : rename the Scrivener.exe from 046 to “Scrivener 046.exe”, and then add Scrivener.exe from the 047 zip file.
This happened in the same folder in Program files (I have never had Scrivener installed elsewhere).
And I cannot imagine that the “Scrivener 046.exe” would have been called up, having not the proper name to be launched.

I opened that second session by simply clicking on the name of the project in “recent projects” of Start Panel (I did not do it from WinExplorer)… and I got NO warning message.

:wink: If it had not sounded mysterious, I would not have submitted this…

Definitely mysterious! As I say, if you ever get it again, please let me know! So far I haven’t been able to reproduce it, so I’m not sure what might have triggered it and without Lee being able to see it, it’s not likely he’ll have much luck fixing it. :neutral_face: