049 Outliner Target and Progress Not Displaying

I set the progress targets for 50,000 with 1500 words completed and when I look on the Outliner they are showing nothing on the progress bar and 0 on the Target amount. I changed from word to characters but the Outliner did not change. I manually changed it to see if the character counts would show and they did not either. I changed it to 5,000 and 1500 completed to see if the percentage was just too small to be shown, but still nothing was displayed.
Should it be changing the choice I made (word to character) when I leave and go back into the Outliner?
I have addressed some other statistic related items that I found in the Outliner, but was not sure if it was Statistics or Outliner issues. It is in the topic 049 Statistics.

The progress bar and target apply to individual documents (you’d see this in the editor footer if you were viewing the document in the text editor), so make sure that you’re looking in the outliner at the listing for that particular item, not its container. I’m unaware of any bugs here, so a screenshot of what you’re viewing on the outliner might help, especially if you could make sure it’s showing not only the target and progress columns but also the target type and then the appropriate count (word count if you set the target type as word and character count if the target type is character).

ok, so are you telling me that each doc has a target aside from the project target? Why wouldn’t the part(s) show the total? or the manuscript?
So is the project target screen the only place that shows the project target stats?
I wouldn’t be setting targets via the individual documents, cuz I am doing total for the whole doc. I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing it that way. It doesn’t make sense to me, but the Outliner looks like it is the best place to see the stats and the targets.
Based on what I believe you have alluded to, then this is likely working as designed, but it still makes no sense to me why I would do the docs individually.

ProjectTargets.doc (175 KB)

Given how you say this is to work and I cannot see how to use the stats via chapter, I put 50,000 in the Part target, but it does not display a progress. That would be the best place for me to see my progress.
This is actually the 046 version now as I am using the NaNoWriMo version.

ok… I am having attachment problems again. I will post this and try closing the browers and then try reattaching. I’m not sure why this attachment thing behaves like this. Grrr.

Targets.doc (456 KB)

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