049 - Scrivening viewing of folder


3 text files (total 3061 words) in a folder with no text written in it.
Viewing each of the 3 files is fine.
Viewing of the container in scrivening mode makes the crazy counter appear in the upper right corner, and mixes up the text displayed on screen (maybe because there is one paragraph in another font ? It is the only one where the display on screen gets mixed up).

Scrolling does not move the text with the whole editor window : the files seem to be pushed “into” the folder, from underneath the dotted line.
Continuing scrolling makes appear a resistance (as if the place where the text has gone were full)… continuing scolling helps : the folder line finally scrolls out of sight and the crazy counter disappears.

Going slowly back to top of the scrivening, I can see the counter reappear, the dotted line come down and all the text is still “inside”.
Going to top by ctrl+home makes it go to top, but still with the text behind the dotted line of the end of empty folder.

I can reproduce this, but it does not occur with all folders.
Closing the project and reopening did not change this, neither did closing the program and restart.

One of the folders where this happens contains only one single file, 1702 words long, no font change, pure text.

If the file can be of any help, just let me know.

Edit : In another project, I view the whole project in scrivening, and I get this result in a text file (with text in it) having two children.
The endless counter is then not in the upper right corner of the editor, but on top of the file which scrolls up behind the dottet line (this one is third position in the editor : 1/ the folder ; 2/ the container text file ; 3/ the first of the two child-files)