1.0.1 - Position jump on learning words

I’m using 1.0.1 and whenever I chose to have Scrivener learn a new word, the text jumps positions and thus I briefly lose my place in the document. I don’t remember this having occurred in the beta versions, but it might have. It would be nice if everything stayed where it was so I don’t have to re-find my place every time this happens.

On a small polish note, when the updater runs on Windows 7 at least, the taskbar icon for the updater process must use a small scrivener icon that is enlarged to fit the taskbar and so looks horribly pixilated. The normal program icon looks great.

Could you describe the editor set up you have and the method you’re using for learning new words? I’m not able to reproduce this, even with Typewriter Scrolling on, so it may be specific to how you have your interface laid out. A short screencast showing this would be great, just something so I can see what’s happening and try to get my own project set up the same way. Also, the 1.0.2 update is out, so on the off chance that fixes it you can run Help > Check for Updates to get that latest version; it has a few other bug fixes in any case.

Thanks for the note on the icon, I’ll check that out too and make sure we get the right one in there.

Attached is a screencast. The ‘jump’ doesn’t happen on all words, and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out a pattern yet. I can reproduce the jump on demand by ‘learning’ a problem word and then remove it from the personal list and re-learning it.

The jump doesn’t seem to be related to the zoom, as setting it to 100% makes no difference. It is interesting that I just noticed in testing this that the zoom setting requires me to click on a separate document and then click back on this document for it to take affect. I don’t recall this happening in earlier beta versions.

Editor options are basic. Calibri font 12pt, no typewriter mode of any type is set. I also discovered the too small icon issue also happens with the options screen.

Note: remove the doc extension from the screencast file. The forums would not allow me to upload an mp4 file otherwise. Also, I updated to 1.0.2 and the issue is the same.
scrivener.mp4.doc (796 KB)

Ah, got it, thanks. It’s being in the Scrivenings session that’s doing it, and that’s what I was missing earlier. Got this on the report list, thank you! (The zoom bug in Scrivenings is also already on the list.)

Ah, I had meant to check if it was only in Scrivenings and forgot! I went back and tested when working on a single document and the position did not jump, however, the scroll bar did still jump. It just didn’t affect the displayed document position.