1.0.2 Dragging links

If I try and create an external link via drag and drop it doesn’t work. I am using the Edit > Link command. The dialog box says drag and drop should be possible.

I am trying to link to a file in another Scrivener project but dragging and dropping doesn’t seem to work for any external link.

Got it. Looks like only dragging from a browser is possible, but you should be able to drag from Windows Explorer, etc.

Keep in mind that a link to a file within a project won’t open the actual project with that document in focus; it will open the file in the system’s default program for that type. This may be what you’re after, accessing a PDF or other non-text document, but be careful with this if you’re accessing text documents so that you don’t accidentally end up editing them outside of the project–just creating a copy in that case might be better. Depends what you’re doing, of course–just throwing this out there. :slight_smile:

I’ve also found the documentation for dragging and dropping links from the browser into the document, as well as from the Research Binder to the document and I can’t get it to work. If I try it a couple times, the program crashes.

Am I missing something? I thought I had it working before but now I can’t get it to work right. I’m writing a technical ebook and there are a TON of URL links that need to be properly formatted.

It is really painful to:

  1. Drag the URLs from the browser to the Research Binder.
  2. Go through and edit every one to put the Title in correctly (they don’t come in right).
  3. Send the ones that come in with a space at the end of the URL to trash and find it again and add it manually to the Research Binder.
  4. Go to the place in the document where I wish the link(s) to appear.
  5. For every link, Right click > Scrivener Link > scrolling around carefully to find the link I want without moving off the right click menu and starting over.
  6. Then editing the link text so it matches the flow of the content.

There must be an easier way.


How are you dragging and dropping from the browser to the editor and what are you getting when you do so–text but unlinked? a no-action cursor so you can’t drop? Make sure you’re dragging from the browser’s address bar–usually you can select the favicon and drag that to drop the link in the editor. I haven’t been able to produce an error or crash in some quick testing now, so further details or a site that’s always causing trouble would be helpful.

Dragging and dropping from the binder into a document to create Scrivener links isn’t currently possible in the Windows version–where in the documentation did you read this? We’ll need to fix that.