1.0.3 crashes when moving Collection item

Collection and Binder still not behaving the same way.

I can use Control and arrow keys to move an item within the Binder, but when I try Control and an arow key in a Collection, I get the message “Scrivener has encountered a problem and needs to close,” and it closes. This has happened repeatedly, in each of the four Collections I have.

As no one else seems to have reported this I wonder whether it is somehow related to the problem I reported under Technical Support, regarding the manual. Maybe my installation somehow got messed up and I should just re-install. But in all other ways except for these two the program seems to be functioning properly.

Ctrl + arrow key unfortunately doesn’t work for collection at the moment. Hopefully it will be implemented in the future but I’m not certain if its on the current roadmap. Would be handy functionality to have.

Not noticed it crashing when I’ve accidentally used Ctrl + arrow key but I’ll go check. Please stand by…

And you’re right. My test project crashed as well. Must have crept in with 1.0.3. Not had it occur in earlier versions. Thanks for spotting this bug!

Thanks, Stacey,

And while that bug is being fixed I think you should also revise the manual, which states that control + arrow works in Collection as it does in Binder. Manual chapter 7.3.2

Thanks all. I actually stumbled over this one myself as well so it’s on the bug list and should be fixed for the next release. Implementing the Ctrl+Up/Down shortcuts are also on the list. (Left and Right won’t work since collections are flat lists, and those options shouldn’t be available from the menu, either.)