1.0.3 - DUPLICATE files


I remember that this has already be reported, but I missed the post on search. Maybe I used the wrong keywords.

  • When dragging files or folders from one project to another ON THE CORKBOARD, they will duplicate inside the previous folder as well.
    This ends up with a huge number of files, where you first wonder where they all come from.

  • Having dropped folders to the corkboard, and then moved around in the added files, I have dropped some of the files onto the BINDER.
    There, the duplication does NOT happen.

Thanks, I’ve ensured this is on the bug list.

When I duplicate files, it creates a new file with the same name but with totally different text that I had been trying to duplicate. Related to this, when I create a new text file (or folder for that matter), it fills up with text from another text file in that same binder. Not sure if this is a new bug or if I missed this.