1.0.3 link to excel file disappears

Long ago I imported some excel-documents and scrivener saved them as hyperlinks. That was allright for me, I worked this way for some months now. Since yesterday however it happened several times that some of the links simply disappeared. I was able to get around this problem by

  1. searching one of the other documents containing a link to excel
  2. opening that document (scrivener document! I didn’t have to follow the hyperlink to the excel document!)
  3. go back to the empty document

By doing so, the link returns.

Usually it should look like this:

With the bug (?) it looks this way:

The screenshots are from 1.0.1. I shortly installed scrivener 1.0.2 and the same thing happens again all the time! So, it’s still an issue.

Thanks for all the hard work!

I simply wanted to push this to the top again, because I experience the problem still in 1.0.3.

Thanks, I’ve just reproduced it. It looks like a bug having to do with switching from Scrivenings view–if you are viewing a container or multiple selection in Scrivenings, then switch to the unsupported file type (the excel files, in your case), the editor will display like the standard blank editor, although you’re unable to type in it. Clicking on a single text document in the binder and then back to the excel file should force it back into the right display mode, showing the link in the center of the editor.