1.0.3 - Pasted text from MS OneNote turns into image


  1. Select block of text in OneNote. Press Ctrl-C to copy.
  2. Ctrl-V to paste into Scrivener document editor.


Block of text is pasted in as image. The text cannot be edited or individual characters/words selected.

Expected behaviour:

Pasted content should be regular editable text.

Try the Paste and Match Style command instead (Ctrl + Shift + V is the default shortcut.)

That worked perfectly. Thanks! :smiley:

Agree, that does function as a workaround. But would feel this should be considered a bug - seem to remember reporting a while ago.

Scrivener should prefer text type clipboard contents when there is any - it would be the unusual case for the use to want to paste that as an image, wouldn’t it?