1.02 Bug? Feature Request: FS Toolbar AND MORE!!!

As much as i love Scriv, there are still a few niceties i’d like to vote for.

But first, I just updated to 1.02, and it seems to have reset my prefs. Also, (not new to this update) my screenplay-formatted documents seem to have reverted to “General” formatting. Might have been a previous update did it, but i also wondered if it might be related to switching between computers for writing. Any reports of that?

And now back to our program, requests:

The Pop-up Toolbar in Full Screen Mode (the PuTbFSM) doesn’t have to conflict with the OSX toolbar (the OSXTb). If one could set the preferred location of the PuTbFSM similar to the OSXTb (ie, top, side, bottom), one could locate them on non-conflicting sides of the screen. I wish for this every time i want to skip a song in iTunes or find something on line, etc.

Speaking of the PuTbFS, i would love to be able to custom select what’s in my the PuTbFSM.

Thanks, keep up the great work on this awesome product.

Not only are there reports, but the change log itself mentions why. Preferences have been decentralised and are now stored in the project. When you take the file with you to another computer, or move it to a new directory, you will no longer lose your changes.