1.02 crash on tab use in notecard

I was working in a note card for a document and had written four lines, double spaced. I hit the tab key and Scrivener froze. A generic Windows error window popped up (the one about to send or not to send an error report.) When I closed the error message box, the frozen Scrivener window closed. I opened Scrivener again and went back to the same note card and typed in the same four lines of text, hit the tab key and Scrivener crashed again. This card was the fourth of four cards on the cork board.

I had just installed the 1.02 update before the writing session I was working in. I’ve never had this happen before, so don’t know if this something new or old.

I’m using Windows XP SP3.

EDIT: As is the case with bugs, after posting this message concerning two consecutive crashes, I have been unable to duplicate the crash. When I did have the crashes, the text I had just written had not been saved so I had to type it again. The third time I tried this, I did a manual save before trying the tab key, so I don’t know if saving might be involved. I have tried to duplicate the crash several times since then and Scrivener refuses to validate those first two incidents. Perhaps Scrivener has become self repairing? :slight_smile:


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I’ll check this out, but chances are without being able to reproduce it we won’t be able to figure out what’s broken in order to fix it. If you do get it again and figure out the particular trigger, please let me know! At any rate I’m glad you’ve been able to continue with your work.

Quick clarification–you’re typing in the synopsis of the index card on the corkboard, not in the document itself?

Yes, I was typing in the synopsis of the notecard. Haven’t had a recurrence since the first two times, so hopefully it was a one-off thing.

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Sorry, but I have no idea what this means.