1.02 - two at level B

These are not show-stoppers, but think they can be show-helpers when reconciled.

  1. The Backup progress alert is great, but unreliable.

It’s simply a great thing, to see and thus be sure the auto-backup operates on closing Scrivener, when it is configured. I’m noticing though that I don’t always see that progress bar. The backup appears to be getting made, so likely it’s a straightforward focus-and-bring-forward matter.

  1. You can cause Scrivener to hang on start, by doubleclicking W7 Taskbar shortcut.

This seems to account for the only hangs I’ve personally experienced with 1.02, and looks different from what others are complaining about over the week-end. I’ve narrowed it down to that bugaboo for the Windows interface, that sometimes you click, and sometimes you double-click. The bottom-of-screen taskbar takes single clicks, but once in a while finger automaticity reigns, and I make a double-click. On most programs this is safe, but on Scrivener it isn’t, likely due to collision of two program starts. I imagine it’s easy to see if there’s another instance present, or there may be a ‘only one instance’ configuration

Good fortune on all, as always, and holding the idea that a few apparent kinks on older systems come out easily in a fresh week. Windows: the fun program environment…


If your project isn’t large, the backup happens quickly enough that the progress bar isn’t shown–it only comes up when there’s a wait. I’ve noticed the double-click crash on open as well–I think this happened in an earlier beta (that might’ve been triple-click), so it hopefully won’t be too hard to fix.

That’s likely the explanation for a) – I didn’t see the progress twice this morning when Scrivener was the only program up. The project is not that small, but not huge i.e. book yet either. When I tried it just now, having Chrome tabs that seem to multiply like coathangers up, then the progress bar was back. Shorter timeout for our these-days zippier machines?

On the other, yes, if you’re triple-clicking the desktop shortcut, imagine with Windows it could be the same effect as double-clicking on the taskbar shortcut. Again hoping that one is easy.