1.03 very sluggish in responding on my second computer

Scrivener is wonderful and I am happily using it and learning more about it every day. From reading the contract, it appeared that I can use it on both of my computers (they set side by side). 1.03 runs perfectly on my 8GB RAM Win7 machine but when I try to use it on the other computer - a 16GB Win7 - it will run but if you leave it to work on other software and return to it, it seems to be asleep and will only start to respond only after a number of clicks. At times, files won’t open until you have tried several times. It works but it is so sluggish and non-responsive it isn’t really practical to use it. I am using the scrivener files from external drives for both machines.

Is this installation? I downloaded the new version separately for the second computer and used my same paid registration key to activate it. I couldn’t find the procedure for using scrivener on a second computer.

Is it because it is running from an external? I’m not having this issue with the first computer.

Should I re-download it? Known Bug? Something basically I’m doing wrong:

Thanks for your help – you’ve been terrific in responding (best responses I’ve gotten in a long time).

…and now that I’m responding 10 days later… :blush:

This sounds like something with the system setup that’s causing Scrivener to run slowly on the second machine, though I’ve no idea what at the moment. Downloading and installing the program on a second computer and using the same registration information would have no effect on this. Running from an external will certainly make things slower, and the size of the project will affect that. You could try upping the auto-save interval in Tools > Options… under the General tab to see if that makes a difference. Since this deals with how many seconds of inactivity, you shouldn’t have to bump it up very high to make a difference. However, even if that is an issue I don’t think it would make much difference as far as coming back to the program after being away–at that point the project is already saved, so whatever time is necessary for the system to access your files isn’t something that can’t be adjusted in Scrivener.

Do you have any background software like antivirus programs or text expanders that are running on one computer and not the other? Something like that might be conflicting with Scrivener and causing delay, although again that seems more likely to cause trouble in the course of typing than just when clicking back to the computer. If the hard drive is full or you’re running more memory-intensive programs simultaneously, that would make a difference, though it shouldn’t make Scrivener unuseable. You could try creating a new user account and testing Scrivener from there for a little while to see if you get the same problems (it will be in trial mode, but that’s fine; you don’t need to register it just for testing this), or booting in Safe Mode and doing the same. That would help eliminate third-party programs and services that might be affecting things. Also try moving your project files to the local disk and working from there to see if that makes a difference, even though you’re not having that problem on the other computer. Could just be a hardware problem, so it’s worth testing.