1.03 winword.exe leading to normal.dot issues

Carrying on here since the 1.03 beta is over.

This definitely looks like a race condition, likely on the contorted check for OCX Word presence that Lee so carefully details as necessary in the beta forum.

To be careful, I deinstalled everything and dumped the program files/Scrivener folder before installing a fresh 1.03. Results same as before, but with more detail.

  1. on a pretty idle machine, Scrivener starts, emits another program called wod.exe, and then a Winword.exe appears. A variable few seconds later, first wod.exe disappears, and then the Winword.exe task.

  2. However, put a couple of modern browser instances up, each with 20 tabs or so to get lots of threads. I am doing this with Chrome and Chromium; Firefox substituted for the Chromium ought to work as well. Now what you see is the same at first, wod.exe and then Winword.exe tasks (sort by name in Task Mgr). Then wod.exe drops in a few seconds. Winword.exe, however, pretty dependably remains. That’s the problem, and the Word instance which develops problems about normal.dot, would think, when another Word is opened.

I don’t actually see the normal.dot complaints, but then I’m not trying to use Word directly. I suspect they could appear (maybe only on XP? Win7 here) when there is more than one Winword.exe from multiple faulted openings of Scrivener, even without a directly opened Word.

Opening other projects in Scrivener does not cause a repeat of the wod.exe->Winword.exe and task shutdowns, as you would expect not from Lee’s explanation of why it had to be done at all.

The appearance of the problem when the host machine has some background load points directly to there being a timing-related issue (a race) which causes the presence-test Winword not to be stopped.

For those who feel comfortable doing it, and when you have alerts or difficulty using Word, you can kill the Winword.exe tasks in the Task Manager as they are not needed after the first moments of Scrivener startup. Then if you want to use Word normally, you can. Just be careful not to kill anything else in the Task Manager. Reboot if you run into trouble doing so.


p.s. support please zap the part about killing things with Task Manager if you think I’m going too far. Not recommended if you are not perfectly comfortable doing it.