1.06 B

Keith, Scrivener has now passed through the truly workmanlike barrier to become a truly professional, deadly serious writing application. It was always the best. Now, what comes after ‘good, better, best’? Is there a superlative superlative?

This is oozing with style and chock full of craft enablers.

It will become the Mac writing application of choice for poets, novelists, screenwriters, playwrites, academics, researchers, and serious bloggers.

I am full of gratitude for the ‘zen’ experience I just had when I opened up three pieces of work and saw them snap onto my screen. They were inviting me to fire up the creative cells in my brain - both of them. There is something deeply, almost magically, special about Scrivener. You relate to it emotionally and viscerally. It befriends you and almost implores you to write.

I don’t think I could work now without my best writing friend.

Thanks Keith.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Good morning Keith,
Dont shout at me if the answer is glaringly obvious (I hate it when you get bad tempered), but Ive just read LLs paean to you and your creation, our beloved Scriv, and I m wondering why: when ever I check for updates in Scriv`s drop down menu, I get told that my version 1.03 is the newest version available?

Fanc Yoo


I’m not Keith, but the reason is because 1.03 is the latest non-beta version. Every version after that (there have been several) have all been beta versions of the upcoming 1.1.

That “b” after the 1.06 is for “beta”. 1.06 is the latest public beta of 1.1 - the Help file isn’t ready yet and there are a few minor bugs, so until it becomes an official release it isn’t available via the updater, only through the public beta on this forum. If you want to try it out, you can download it from the Beta Testing forum. Or you can just wait a couple of weeks for it to become 1.1 officially, when it will be available in the usual way.

dagaz and Keith,

Thank you for your speedy replies.

I thought that may be he reason, but it also occurred to me, that Lord Lightning, could be getting preferential treatment, and the versions that he`s receiving just keep getting beta…and beta…and beta… and beta…and ouch!!. Sorry about that.

Ydo know of course, what they say about Words spoken in jest`.

Thanks again both of y`

Take care

Hi vic-k,

The beta version is here:

literatureandlatte.com/dlbet … _1b106.dmg

The Beta Testing thread is worth reading:

literatureandlatte.com/forum … m.php?f=17

BIG PS - just remember to allow the new version to update each of your projects if it asks.


My Lord Lightning,

As always Sire, once again I am in your debt.

I trust you and yours are all well and in fine fettle!

Many thanks
Take care