1:1 Research sync

Hi there,

I would like to request a feature: The sync option should allow to export research material as it’s stored in Scrivener. I use mainly PDF documents for external documents and JPGs und would like to view them on the iPad without Scrivener trying (and failing) to convert the documents to TXT or RTF.
Or am I misunderstanding the sync function or missing sth?

Thanks for reading,


Are you looking mainly for reference purposes, or do you really need sync here? If all you need is reference output, try using File/Export/Files... to place copies of the research material into a Dropbox folder. With the Dropbox app, you should be able to view and load them in supporting applications on the iPad.

Hm, as I understand it, the export function has to be triggered everytime manually. I like how nice and smooth the sync function works. It would be nice if the sync has a function like “don’t modify” for research files :slight_smile:
As for now, the export function is a nice workaround.