1.2.1 deleted [open-project].scriv/project.scrivx on update

Luckily for me, I’m storing my scrivener projects in DropBox, so I could go back one version… After updating to 121 the [opened project].scriv/project.scrivx file got to be 0kb.

While exploring windows, and its maps, I could not open my projects anymore by clicking on [to open project].scriv/project.scrivx. It gave the GODFEARING message: “The file is not a Scrivener project file. Please, select a valid Scrivener project file.”
Luckily I figured out I still can open my projects, from within Scrivener (as long the project.scrivx file is still containing valid XML).

Vista x64 E8400@4.3Ghz, 8Gb, 3x 22" FullHD (2 landscape-fixed, 1 portrait-switchable)

Thanks for this report. I’m not sure how to attempt to reproduce this though. For example is this what you did?

  1. You had the project open and were actively working on it as opposed to it sitting in the background untouched for several days
  2. You got the update notice (or did you request to check for updates yourself?)
  3. You clicked the button to upgrade the software
  4. It downloaded
  5. You clicked the “install upate” button
  6. Installer runs
  7. Launch program

And at this point I’m not sure what happened. Do you have the option enable to reopen projects you had worked on recently, or did the 0byte problem happen after you double-clicked on the .scrivx file, saw it fail, and then opened from within Scrivener?

Incidentally the open-project-failing bug is already on the list.

I am also receiving the message “The file is not a Scrivener project file. Please, select a valid Scrivener project file.” when attempting to open a project by double clicking on the [projectname].scrivx file. I can also open the project without difficulty from within scrivener.

I don’t notice any corruption in the actual project files. They’re just refusing to update.

System: Win7 64 bit
Version: - 20 June 2012