1.2.1 title / title prefix independence on compile [Fixed]

Originally posted in tech support, I’ve moved it here as I now think it’s a bug.

I’m trying to recreate a compile preset that I used to have (I recently changed computers, and forgot to copy over my saved compile settings), but am running into a roadblock.

I am trying to get a folder to display a “title prefix” (eg, “Chapter <$w>”) on compile. I’ve done the usual Compile > Formatting > Modify > Section Layout thing, but it won’t display the Chapter <$w> bit unless I also have the “Title” bit included in the Formatting pane.

I just want the prefix, not the folder title (which is for my benefit only and not for compiling). I know this used to be possible because I worked it out before, but it’s not working anymore. :frowning:

Confirmed; and posted to the bug list a few minutes ago.

Glad to say this is working again in 1.2.2!
Thanks all.