1.2.3 - Cannot Compile to .docx

Hello. I had this issue way back before Scrivener for Windows came out of beta, but it’s been fixed for some time now. It’s back with this latest version. When I go into Compile, I no longer have the option to compile to .docx, only to .doc.

The Compile also forgot where I usually save the files.

Is there a way to roll back to the previous version until this is fixed?

Update: I tried rolling back via Windows restore and the issue was still there. So I uninstalled, deleted the registry files, restarted my machine, and installed the only other copy of Scrivener I have - the 1.0.1 version from last November. This has resolved my issue (for the time being).

Also, I’m running Win7, with MS Office 2010.

I’m also getting this problem, with 1.2.1 on a Win7 machine.

I also have no docx option when compiling in v1.2.3

It’s not terribly important to me, but same here, no option for .docx.

I have Scrivner installed on a Windows 7 64-bit PC, with MS Word 2010 installed and used regularly.

I don’t recall whether I ever had the .docx option with the Beta or earlier versions of Scrivener.

Just to rule this out, could you verify that you have gone to Tools > Options and under the Import/Export section, have checked “Use Microsoft Word or Open Office for doc and docx conversions” and then restarted Scrivener? (You’ll need to restart the program for the option to take effect.) Additionally, quartet1977 and Mjasper, could you let us know what version of MS Word or OO you have installed? Thanks!

Wow! That was easy. I now have the .docx option when I compile. Thanks!
(is there some way I should have been able to figure that out for myself?)

I want to say it was in the change log, but I’ve been a bit out of touch for the past couple months so I’m not 100% sure it made a clear statement in there. Likewise I expect it’s in the manual, if you went to dig it up, but obviously that’s not quite the same as an update notice. Sorry it was a bit hidden, but I’m glad that solved the problem for you!