1.2.5 problem with RTF Reader

Wow, OK, I just got this one.

I was trying to move a document within a project, it hung, and I had to terminate the program. When I started Scrivener again, I’d get the RTF message (cut off), and then finally when the program loaded, my document structure was blank, but nothing would display. I restarted Scrivener, and the project was fine.

Yep, it did it again–any time I try to drag and drop something into another folder. Oops, no. It hung, didn’t move the file, but recovered.

Needless to say, there’s something strange afoot, and y’all aren’t crazy.

ETA: I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I had collections showing.

OK. I can reproduce. Create new document in a folder. Try to move it to another folder, and it’ll hang. When Scrivener crashes, it’ll throw the error. This seems to only happen to me when collections are displayed in the binder.

Here’s the terminal output when it happens. You have to drag the file around a bit to get it to crash. I also noticed that when I don’t have collections showing, I get a tooltip with “move to blah”. Otherwise, I don’t.

% ~ /usr/local/Scrivener/bin/Scrivener
xdndHandleBadwindow returned true

It recovered this time, then when I closed it normally, I also got this:

QTextCursor::setPosition: Position ‘1’ out of range
QTextCursor::setPosition: Position ‘1039’ out of range

Hi Guys,
The font hinting problem you experienced is reviewed and a fix will be provided with a new release shortly(few days).

Woot! Hullo and thanks, Tiho! :slight_smile: