1.2.5 Update Error

I’m still using the free version for a few more days, and when prompted to update recently, I tried, only to hit an error message just as it looked like it was almost done installing. The following message is displayed and then the installer closes.

“destination ?{installdir} resolved to an empty value”

I’ve tried twice now. Currently running 1.0.3, which still works, but I’d like to get it updated. Is it my computer or network?

Best thing is to just download the installer yourself from our site and then run it, since you’re running into a snag with the auto-updater (which yes, could be from a configuration issue or a problematic download). Uninstalling 1.0.3 before you install 1.2.5 should clean up the registry to have the right pointer to your installation directory for future auto-updates and will just give you the cleanest installation all around.