1.4 Compile bugs

The first issue was with a document I created in 1.3 and then tried to compile with the 1.4 version. The title page appears on every page with text before and after it. Also, it loaded over 1,300 pages, was still loading. I have no idea how long the actual document is.

I created a new document in 1.4 to see if I’d have the same issues. The issues were the same, except documents created by the 1.4 version the title page graph becomes visible. Also, I waited to see if the document reached a final page number. I closed out word at 10,000 plus pages and it was still going. Again, I have no idea how long the document is, but it appears to be really long. Word wanted to do something called pagination to the entire document and when it tried the formatting became really funky. Unfortunately I don’t have a screen shot of that because my computer froze and I had to force shut down.

***Edited to add: I almost forgot that the text isn’t in order. The text in the screen shot are paragraphs from different pages.

I’d like to add, that I do see improvements. The program seems more robust, starts up quicker, and is more responsive to me while working within a document.


So, at first I was baffled by this, because my compile has been acting SO MUCH NICER since the 1.4 upgrade. Then I realized that the error you are experiencing is specific to the title page of the Novel template, and that Lee definitely knows about it. He said this in another thread:

That being said, if you pull your title page out (drop it in Research for now) and re-compile I think you’ll find you get a bit better results. At least your page number shouldn’t continually climb.

Mightygitis: I tried what you suggested and it worked. Thanks.