1.4 compiled format problems with web paste

Using copy/paste with text from the forum here, I get very scrambled text formatting on compile - Huge letters of font making many-page output.

To work around for now, use Scrivener Edit:Paste and Match Style for the web paste, and all will turn out as it is supposed to, except transfer of the web’s formatting of course - and links will be ordinary text.

Here are the faults if you just Paste:

  • The text ‘looks’ ok in Scrivener, but is vastly magnified on compile, to RTF or PDF.
  • Looking at the text format indicators in Scrivener’s editor, the base problem is apparent: text size is set to -1 – which is a big number if taken unsigned.
  • However, there’s more. You can seem to set a proper size on the pasted text, but it doesn’t stick. Font name also changes on reasonable size, which shouldn’t be affected. After setting font name, size seems to stick if you set it again (e.g. 10 pt), but again doesn’t hold, and the output is magnified again.
  • Further, after I played a few times setting formats like this, the overall format of the document changed – the original ‘novel’ template’s first page had columns narrowed by half, and could not seem to be recovered, though I might have missed say a table setting that also got scrambled. In any case, no scrambling like this should be able to happen, am sure would be agreed.

Ok, that’s it. Text in question was pasted from latest Google Chrome, if browser type is involved.