1.4 Still Doesn't Save Learned Spelling[BUG LOGGED]


I know about the bug where it doesn’t share learned spelling between documents. This one is that once you do a “Learn Spelling” it doesn’t carry over to the next session. I try to use the “Learn Spelling” option to keep track of character names so that I keep the spelling correct. I’m having to relearn them each time I open the project. The program is either not saving the entries to disk (should be instant) or it is not loading on program start.

By the way, are you using C++ or C# for the project? I’ve built a C# library (3.5 and 4.0 library) that will work with file paths > 260 characters (full 32,000). It replaces the most commonly used pieces of the System.IO namespace. (File, FileInfo, Directory, DirectoryInfo, Path, FileStream, etc…) It probably covers between 65 and 75%. …with unit tests… It needs a bit of polish, but it works well (and fast).

I know this got logged but you are right, it isn’t on the Known Bug list. But I know I discussed it with Lee at some point.

Thanks for logging this. I will be taking a good look at the dictionary post Christmas and will ensure issues like this get addressed.

Thank you for the code offer however, Scrivener for Windows is written in C++ and does not use any of the .Net libraries.