I’m looking over the list of changes and I’m not seeing anything I care about. Speed and robustness are always nice, although it was pretty fast already and basically never crashed on me. The one thing that used to be slow (viewing my entire manuscript in scrivenings mode) is still slow. OPML? CSV? CSS? Korean quotation marks?

I can’t find “take a snapshot” and can’t imagine what that does.

I was hoping the compile screen would be made to match the Mac’s, or at least be a little less inscrutable. Nope. Does the text color button still behave weirdly? Yep. Can I make my own character/scene/item templates? Does not appear so. Can I move note cards freely on the cork board? No.

I question the prioritization of these changes. Everyone who uses Scrivener needs to compile. Not everyone needs to export to CSV. I use Scrivener to write, not to see a pretty picture on my background.

I understand I’m not every user, but this is my feedback. Thanks for reading it.

Snapshots are a good thing to learn about. They are really easy to use. Try opening up a section of your Draft. Click on the Inspector icon (blue ‘i’) and then at the bottom of that column that appears, the antique camera icon. This is the snapshot list. From here you can click the + button to make a new one. Note how the current text is stored into the sidebar? You can have dozens of these if you want. To make one all you really need to do is hit Ctrl-5, or if you prefer the mouse you can click the icon next to the name of the section in the header bar above the editor and “Take Snapshot” from there. Either way it’s a bit like “Save As” but without all of the dancing about with file names and the mess that entails. Just Ctrl-5 and edit away.

Anyway, not every release will be everyone’s peach. There are too many different humans on this planet wanting different things. Sorry this one wasn’t yours, but as you can no doubt imagine there are some happy people right now who can read Scrivener’s interface in their native language instead of trying to read the English labels. As for making the compile system equal to the Mac’s, that is not likely something that will happen for a free update. That will be a lot of work. I’m afraid the level of inscrutability will remain roughly similar however. If anything wanting it to be more like the Mac means wanting many dozens more options. Compile will always remain a rather advanced feature if you need to dig into it, and if you find it bothersome or a chore to deal with, it will always be easier to just set the compiler to the “Original” preset or something similar and do some quick format search and replace fixes in Word if necessary.