Well, I’m excited - and just before my birthday too. seems to load a lot faster on my poor overloaded computer. Since I have never used a Mac, comparisons are not possible so every upgrade is a bonus.
I have been looking forward to “comments” in the Windows version for ages, and I’m delighted to find them included. BTW, the manual has a Mac “comment” shortcut in it (in the windows version) in the section referring to how to use comments. Interpreting how to work “Control> command> 8” is a bit tricky in Windows, but the dropdown menu in Scrivener itself has the correct shortcut. Glad to see OPML included. I have seen some videos about how that can help import mind maps and have been disappointed up till now that it was not there.
Thanks for the early birthday present and keep them coming. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Sorry, got the version number wrong. Was referring to 1.5.3 for Windows!

Thanks! Those shortcuts should be fixed in the next revision.

As for speed, it’s hard to say because my base hardware is all so different, but to me the Windows version feels about on par with the Mac version for most things. I think my PC has a bit more CPU horsepower and I know it has more RAM, but my Mac has solid state storage which drastically increases load times in Scrivenings and such. The main bottleneck right now feels like massive Scrivenings sessions, but there isn’t much that can be done for that. Those are slower on the Mac as well. It just takes a few seconds to load a few hundred files from the hard drive and stack them all into a window; no way around that short of violating physics or installing SSDs. Fortunately most people do not work that way though.