1.5.3 Thank You!

A huge thanks for all the changes for ebook compilation in 1.5. I noticed you snuck in the metadata at the last minute! This is just great and a lot of people are turning to Scrivener for the ability to produce validating ebooks quickly and easily.

… And congratulations on the release. I’ve seen the evolution of Win Scrivener since before November, and it’s been improving in leaps and bounds.

Agreed! I really like seeing it get better and better!

Well I for one am really disappointed with the latest release.

I updated to 1.5.3 and my word count was no different to under 1.2.5, and I read through some of the text and it’s still lacklustre and talentless drivel.

And to top it all I STILL can’t get print to work, which is fine I guess, except that the release notes say that it will print, and the technical support people keep trying to avoid responsibility by blaming it on other parts of my system such as “you don’t own a printer”. Why do they say in the release notes that it works when it doesn’t?! :imp:


Have you tried printing in the cloud, i.e. sky-writing?

Maybe smoke signals would work.

Aaaand coffee out my nose.