Interface menus and labels: Japanese - English mixed

After updating all menu and sub-menu items appear in “mixed mode” … Some being in English, others in Japanese.

I hope this can be fixed.

Working on Japanese Win 8/64.

Thanks for the update anyway.

Edit: Okay, under Tools > Options > General > Language I changed to “English”. Problem solved.

1.5.5 has a preview of the Japanese interface translation which is still incomplete, so I suspect that this ended up loaded automatically as your system language. If you go to Tools > Options, you can select a different language from the drop-down menu, then restart Scrivener for it to take effect.

Wow, you’re fast!
Just found it out myself.

Thanks for this!
I got the same problem, but in French & English mixed right the first time I opened Scrivener.
This solution helped me. The language was by default set as “langue” which means “language” or “tongue” in French (my first tongue) :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps it would be a good solution to ask, during the installation, the preferred language set up for the user to avoid this?
Just a thought! :smiley:

Yes, we’re going to be changing this a bit with the next update–it will likely still default to using the system language if that language pack for the interface is available, but this should only include completed translations rather than the “Previews” we’ve got for some of them. Sorry for the confusion!

That sounds good :smiley:
Thanks again :slight_smile: