[] Inserting footnote changes mouse pointer

Version: on Windows 7 SP1.

If I add a footnote into the text (with either the shortcut or the Tools --> Footnote option), the mouse pointer when hovering over text changes from the default " | " to the default Windows pointer. This is annoying since it makes editing text harder since you’ll need to click much more just to see where the blinking " | " is in (i.e., less precise).

I tried making a screenshot, but the mouse pointer is not captured when I make one. However, to make it more concrete, I mean that after I enter a footnote, the mouse pointer goes from…

to …

Who knows how to solve this?

Edit: a workaround for this is to close Scrivener and reopen it. Then, if you hover over the text, the " | " mouse pointer reappears (as it should be).

However, as soon as you point the mouse on a footnote (so the little hand appears and a box pops up with the footnote text), the mouse pointer does not revert back to the " | " pointer but remains the Windows default “point & click”-pointer.

Thanks, this is on the list to investigate. It’s actually a problem with all hyperlinks, so it affects text linked to inspector comments and footnotes.

This is still an issue in I’m using Windows 8.1. Restarting Scrivener seems to be the only way to get the correct mouse pointer back.

This is fixed in the coming 1.7 update.

Great, thanks.