1.54 and 2 together?

Hi. I’m sure somebody asked that but I can’t find the thread. :blush: The board’s search function ignores expressions such as “1.54” or “2.0”.
I installed Scrivener 2 NaNoWriMo 2010 version (and it’s beautiful!!!), but I didn’t uninstall Scrivener 1.54. :open_mouth: So…questions:

  1. Is it possible to keep working with both 1.54 and 2.0? I noticed Scrivener 2 upgraded the project it opened, so I guess I can’t open it with 1.54 anymore…?
  2. Say I want to uninstall 1.54. I use both AppZapper and Hazel to uninstall apps completely. Would uninstalling Scriv 1.54 harm Scriv 2? Should I uninstall both 1.54 and 2, and then reinstall 2?
    I know I sound like a Windows user. I still am. You can take the girl outta Windows, but… :unamused:

A partial answer:

You can keep working with both 1.54 and 2.0.

Although Scriv 2 upgraded the project, you should find a backup/copy of the original 1.54 version of the project alongside the upgraded 2.0 one. At least, mine did :slight_smile:


Thanks, Eddy. For some odd reason – I think it’s nostalgia – I’m reluctant to uninstall 1.54… :wink:

Me too! I never will :slight_smile: