- Convert document to default style


With the last version of Scrivener this function takes numberings away again.

  • Import a document with a list
  • Convert to default style
  • Numbers (or bullets) have gone

What type of list formatting did you use? I was able to reproduce an instance of this using a multi-level list style from Word 2010 within a document with the hierarchical style 1), a), i), but it only failed to convert when the list was somewhat malformed, i.e. it skipped levels, so i) followed a 1) heading. All the other cases I’ve tested have survived the conversion process, and checking “preserve tabs and indents” has further maintained the structural hierarchy. If you have another case where it’s not working properly, could you provide a sample import document that I can use for the bug report? Thanks!


My list, was a piece that had been extracted from a more complete one. I was converting to add it into another list.

The list numbers were, at that point “0.0.1 - 0.0.3” (thus third level), because it had been removed from it’s upper levels for a while.

There were no holes inside of this piece.
I did not use “preserve tabs and intents”, because I wanted the global look of my files to be reflected in this one too.
I did not make a copy of the file, so that I could not send you the original.