[] 2 Inline image issues

Enjoying 1.7.1 so far!

Noticed a couple of (related?) issues with inline image handling, though. This has always been a bit wonky (with odd spacing between image and text), but I think i saw it was addressed in the changelog, which gave me hope. Unfortunately, it seems there’s a bug or two kicking around.

1) 150px spacing between text and images
This isn’t a new bug, I’ve just never reported it or researched it before.
There’s always a large amount of space between text and images.
In this instance, I’ve added an image via the very-handy screenshot technique. However, I get the typical huge spacing after text. Regardless of font size, it seems to measure 150px. The attached screenshot shows this space. It makes it very difficult to drop images into text for research or other purposes when you get this large gap, especially when you want to type up some text around the image.
This post references image handling as being as, for some reason, unfixable, but perhaps the spacing issue can be fixed?

2) Phantom resize window?
As shown in the attachment, when I click after the text before the image (150px above and before, due to the bug above), in this case, directly after the “n” in “severe concussion”, a phantom resize box pops up and stays there. It’s for the screenshotted image shown, but it has no effect on resize, and doesn’t go away until you click some other text. It only happens when you click after the line, not when you use the keyboard to advance the cursor. The actual click zone is highlighted in green in my screenshot. This is reproducible even after exiting scrivener. It seems to happen for all inserted images with text before them, in a similar zone.

Thanks for reading!

The spacing is just the line spacing that you have set for the paragraph. You can change it via the spacing drop-down menu in the format bar (choose “More…” to see the before/after paragraph spacing as well as the standard line spacing) or from Format > Text > Spacing…

The other issue with the box appearing is a display bug, I’ll file that. Thanks!

I still think there’s more to it than that, because I’ve never set huge paragraph spacing like shown in the screenshot, but this is very helpful. Maybe it’s just some metadata from an earlier version of something. Setting the spacing to “single” fixes the issue, it’s awesome to have a workaround!

Thanks for the help

It depends on the type of spacing you have set. If you’re using a line-height multiple, the spacing will be a multiple of the height of the image, which presumably is much greater than the line height of your text.