"Installation and runtime mismatch"

Getting an error on update saying that my runtime and installation paths don’t match, but they do, and show as much in the error dialog box. I only have one version of scrivener installed, 1.6.1.

I can uninstall / reinstall, or manually download the update, presumably, but thought I ought to report it.

Hi ericmw
I am also getting this error and my runtime and install also match. I am holding back on the full install route until I get reassurance from the team that the new 1.7.1 is a FULL install rather than a PATCH upgrade before I uninstall my full 1.6 version of Scrivener.

I’m holding off, too, or I’d let you know the results. I suspected maybe a would come along soon to fix the issue if it’s widespread, and 1.7.1 hasn’t been officially announced yet anyway. Thanks for chiming in (:

I’m getting the same problem. It blocks me from downloading the upgrade, so it is a serious issue. I don’t see how uninstalling/reinstalling the product would make any difference (the program will still be in the same place), so the instructions to correct the issue are useless.

Does anyone have a workaround?

Unfortunately, some versions of Windows report the drive letter internally in uppercase, and others in lowercase, and since the comparison is case-sensitive, this broke the path matching in some instances.

The developer has told me that the problem has now been addressed, and a new installer uploaded, so please try the update again. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks for your advice on this. I am still getting this problem, despite restarting my computer. I have attempted to install the update a few times since your post. I use Windows 8 - not sure if that’s relevant.

Can you advise me further?

Thanks so much.

I’m still getting the same problem. (I’m on Windows 8.1.)


Thanks for the update – and sorry it’s still not working. I’ll check with the developer, and get back to you as soon as I can.

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Sorry to read that you still have issues. Until we sort it all out, you can download the full installer via:
literatureandlatte.com/scriv … taller.exe

Run the full installer manually and update your installation.

Do the developers call QFileInfo::absoluteFilePath (running runtime and installation dir) before paths compare?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

We have just uploaded another new update installer. Can you please try again to update.


Yes, we do. The problem seems to be the installer on different operating systems. Thanks for the hint, though. :slight_smile:


I’m afraid I’m having the same problem on two different computers, both running Windows 7. It looks like the new update installer hasn’t quite hit the nail on the head yet.

Hmm… I’m really can’t guess - why… If you have two file paths you should be able to transform them into similar and comparable form. Via canonicalFilePath + absoluteFilePath. No? Ugly hack: perform ‘toLower’ on paths for Windows platform.

Only this night. Not right now.

Comparing paths is the easy job, Flex Ferrum. Having installers for many OSes writing different values for each OS is something that is not so easy to handle.

A new update installer is available, guys, Please, give it another try and let us know, if it still fails or succeeds. Sorry about the troubles here.

It seems like problem is in Win32/Win64 systems difference and Path/Registry redirection…

I’m still getting the same error message, as well.

Still not working here, I’m afraid.

Give it another go, guys. Thanks!

Sorry - no joy.