Unusual form of file paths

Common problem for import and export dialogs is an unusual (for Windows) form of file paths: slash (’/’) instead of backslash (’’) as a path separator. Here is a screenshot of “Import OPML file” dialog:

Same problem is for ‘Import and Split’, ‘Export files’, ‘Export OPML and Mindmap’, ‘Export annotations’ etc.

It’s not a just an ‘graphical appearance’ problem. If you try to copy-paste such kind of path into standard Windows ‘Open File’ dialog, you’ll get ‘Invalid file path’ error.

It looks like there are more problems with links:
links inserted with “Edit–>Link—> File” (in the “Link” pop up window)
are not working because a slash is missing: Scrivener makes a link in this way: [file://C:…](file://C:…). instead of File:///C:…
When the missing slash is set manually, then the link does work. In the previous version Scrivener inserted the slash automatically.

How are you entering the path in the Links field? Try dragging and dropping the file from Windows Explorer–that should add the slash correctly to produce a working link.

Previously using the file:/// prefix caused problems when dragging and dropping networked files or others that used a different prefix, so the additional slash needs to be added manually for files that require it if it is not included as part of the path you’re copying.

Is this a dialog from another program? Either form works for Windows Explorer or the Start menu, likewise the standard file browser from, e.g. Word. Typically Windows is good about resolving either form.

Yes. It was dialog from Microsoft Word. Same issue with ‘Open File’ dialog from Notepad ++, Qt Creator, Evernote, FoxIt reader. But Windows Explorer handle such path correctly.

BTW, such form of path representation is not usual for Windows.

I’ve got this in the list for things to fix in a later update, to be clear, I was just wondering why it wasn’t working for you. I think it was just a matter of pasting the path in different places, though. For instance if use File > Open in Notepad, it opens the standard file browser and pasting the link in the address bar at the top works fine, but pasting it in the “File name” field at the bottom does not.

Yes. Sure.

Yes. You right. :slight_smile: But bottom ‘File name’ filed is more universal (at least for me). I can put there folder path, file mask, file path, etc. So, copy-paste something into ‘File name’ filed most common usecase for me. AFAIK, top filed accepts folder paths only.

It accepts file paths but it will open them directly in the default application, so it may not always be what you want.