scrollbars don't work right after resizing panes

Here’s something I just noticed:

  1. With a top and bottom pane, and 2-3 screens worth of text, scroll to the top of the top pane and set the top pane to about 75% of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the top pane.
  3. Resize the top pane to be more like 50% of the screen.
  4. The bottom text is scrolled away, but the scroll bar remains at the bottom, and you can’t scroll down further to get to your text.
    The workaround is just to navigate to somewhere else and back. Then the scrollbar resets correctly.

I tried this in Win 7 but couldn’t reproduce it, either by dragging the right edge of the Scrivener window to resize the editor or by dragging the divider between the inspector and the editor. The scroll bar is always moving up correctly for me. Any chance you could take a screencast of what you’re seeing? Which version of Windows are you on?

I was dragging the divider between the top and bottom editors to shrink the top editor. It was the top editor’s vertical scrollbar that I had scrolled all the way to the bottom, which still acted as though it was showing the bottom, even when shrinking the top editor hid what was actually at the bottom.

Is that clearer?

Thanks, I better understand what you’re describing now. I’m not able to reproduce the issue, though. Does it require the editor be zoomed to a certain setting? Is it possible that the length of the document is making the scroller so small, it’s difficult to see that it’s moved up slightly in the scroll bar? (Keeping in mind that the longer the text and the shorter the editor, the less the scroller will move per paragraph.)

I upgraded to and am not seeing it. Maybe it was fixed? Or else maybe it’s a transient issue.