1.7.2 Arranging subdocuments in the Binder

Was the default Binder collapse/expand behaviour changed in 1.7?

Say I’ve got a bunch of documents, and I’m working my way down the list organizing them into various levels of folders and subfolders.

When I create a new folder, arrange it and then move a document into it (all using the keyboard if that makes a difference) it stays collapsed by default.


In this example I created the Test folder, added 10 docs to it, and then started adding folders and arranging. After adding docs 1, 2, and 3 to Folder 1, I went to View | Outline | Expand All.

I then created Folder 2, moved it to the proper place in the hiearchy and Ctrl + Right Arrow to put document 4 into it. As you can see, the folder stayed collapsed. Maybe I’ve changed a setting somewhere, but I’m pretty sure that in 1.6 it would expand by default, because it feels like I’m doing a lot of extra clicking to expand folders now.

Edit: DOH - now that I’ve said that, it seems to have stopped doing it. I didn’t change anything, colour me puzzled. :question:

Additionally, if I have doc 6 selected and then Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new folder, it appears under doc 6 as expected. I then Ctrl + Up to move the folder above doc 6 as shown. When I use the down arrow to move the cursor back down, it jumps past 6 straight to 7. Again, I don’t think it used to behave that way. But even if it did, it’d be preferable if the highlight went to 6 in that situation rather than jumping to 7.

I played around with this a little but wasn’t able to reproduce the case where using the keyboard to move an item into a collapsed folder maintained the collapsed state. This does happen when using the mouse to drag and drop into the folder–if you hover long enough over the container while dragging, it will temporarily expand to give you more control over the placement, and then once you drop it will automatically collapse again. When using the keyboard shortcuts, however, the container should expand and remain so, and does in my testing. If you find a way to reproduce the case where it stays collapsed, please post the steps!

I do see what you’re describing where the Up/Down arrows skip the item after moving. That is a bug, and I’ve filed it.

Will do - it hasn’t done it since.

I tell ya, intermittent problems are the bane of my existence. It was doing it consistently, until I posted about it and then it just stopped “ha ha, fooled ya!”

I have a lot more moving sections around to do soon, so I’ll see whether I can get it to happen again.

Well, I just moved close to 1000 documents around in the binder in the same project using the keyboard. It didn’t happen once.

No idea what was going on the other day. Perhaps some form of ID-Ten-T error. :blush: :laughing:

Just happened again.

I started rearranging documents in the binder with the keyboard. Created a folder, moved a document into it and the folder stayed collapsed.

Restarted scriv and tried again - same result.

Started a new project to try to test and get reproducable results and it stopped doing it.

Went back to the original project and it’s not doing it any more either.

Argh :unamused:

I’m thinking the missing .scriv extension on the project folder may have also been the cause of this issue with folders in the binder staying collapsed when I moved documents into them.
Ref: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/project-templates/27898/1

Too early to say for sure, since it was an intermittent issue, but so far so good today since I restored the .scriv - compared to last time I was arranging documents like this it was doing it all the time…

Sigh Nope that wasn’t it. Still happening intermittently…