BSOD after Research —> Web page —> WebKit

FYI, Scrivener provided me with the very first Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) I’ve seen on this Windows 7 64-bit system. (For what it’s worth, I don’t believe the BSOD had anything to to with specifically; I updated just this morning).

I wanted to add this Web page to a new project’s Research folder:

sdncentral.com/sdn-essential … -openflow/

So via Research —> right-click —> Add —> Web Page, I supplied the URL and chose PDF document via WebKit.

Scrivener set off to get the Web page then BOOM!: BSOD that included the statement “dumping memory” accompanied by an incrementing counter. I used the laptop’s reset button to abandon the memory dump and reboot, used BleachBit for Windows to clean up the broken glass, and now here I am.

I doubt whether you’ll be able to replicate this. My intent in describing it is to provide you with a bit of data you can factor in to any related occurrences.

Cheers & hope this helps,