Corkboard cards "shaking"


I am having the same “card shaking” issue as described here:


In my case, Cards Across is 5 and the shaking occurs if I display the Inspector and the Corkboard simultaneously. If I resize the Inspector pane, I can make the shaking stop, so it seems to be a card sizing issue based on the number of cards and the space available for them to be displayed.

Couldn’t tell from that previous post if this was supposed to have been fixed or is it still a known bug?


Yes, the bug referenced in the linked thread was fixed during the beta cycle (or so we thought!) and I haven’t seen any reports on it since then. Could you possibly provide a sample project set up so that the shaking is visible? As you say, it’s probably about all the relative sizes and positions, so it’s going to be difficult to recreate exactly.

You could use Save As to make a copy of the project with all the right sizes saved, then just delete any text you don’t want included. I doubt the text is related to the display bug at all, so you should still be able to reproduce the problem after cleaning out the demo project. Then you can use File > Back Up > Back Up To… to create a zipped copy you can upload here or mail to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com. Thanks!

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the reply.

I have uploaded the scriv project folder with this post. I was able to recreate the shaking at 1600 x 900 and 1280 x 720 resolutions, in case that’s important.

If the corkboard isn’t shaking when you open the project, resize the inspector pane - that should get it going!

Let me know if you need any other info.

ShakingBug 2014_09_21_06_13_06.zip (627 KB)

Hi Jennifer,

Were you able to recreate this from my project?


Yes, sorry for the delay! It looks like a problem with the Size to Fit Editor option and the scrollbar calculation–there’s a point where it’s bouncing between the index card size if there’s no scrollbar and the size if there is. Until it’s fixed, disabling “Size to Fit” should get rid of the shaking (or adjusting the editor width, as you’ve been doing).

Glad you were able to recreate it and thanks for the workaround!