Released - 20th Aug 2014

Hi folks,

We have released Scrivener for Windows today. There are some refinements and changes, but primarily this is a bug fix release. The details follow:

Refinements and Changes

  • Added “Define…” and “Synonyms” to the editor context menu to look up English definitions and synonyms in Scrivener using WordNet’s database. “Define…” can be added to the main toolbar using Tools > Customize Toolbars… and is also available from the Tools > Writing Tools menu and via keyboard shortcut.
  • Updated the German interface translation.
  • Added digital signatures to executables within the installer to avoid Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 causing an error when trying to launch new releases of Scrivener.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that could cause text of inspector comments and footnotes not to save properly in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug whereby changes since the last save were not included in backups created via File > Back Up > Back Up To… or Back Up Now.
  • Fixed a bug whereby edits made to Project Notes between the last save and running Back Up To… or Back Up Now were lost if the notes were not edited again before closing the project.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the inspector synopsis or title updating when it had focus while changing documents, which could also cause the title to be overwritten.
  • Fixed a bug that could insert “Linked Footnote” anchor text unnecessarily when repeatedly converting between inline and inspector footnotes during a session.
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the spell check for all projects after opening compile or Project Statistics (which runs compile in the background).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause custom meta-data not to be found in a search.
  • Fixed a bug causing Export > Comments & Annotations… to export only the selected documents regardless of the related setting.
  • Fixed a bug causing the session word count in Project Targets to jump erratically in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug causing lag when typing in Thai.
  • Fixed a bug with drag and drop from the binder that could cause the editor to switch documents if the document was already selected in the binder before dragging.
  • Fixed a bug that caused containers to collapse when moving items in the outliner.
  • Fixed a bug in the outliner that caused the selection to expand when moving items using a Ctrl+Arrow shortcut.
  • Fixed a bug in Scrivenings mode that prevented the inspector updating with the correct meta-data when returning focus to the container document.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener links were compiled as broken links in formats that did not support them. The internal links are now removed for these formats during compile (external links remain).
  • Fixed a bug causing the Go To menu in Full Screen to display only when the mouse button was held down.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented opening the script element menu in Full Screen’s control panel and could cause it to appear blank.
  • Fixed a bug that added padding to each cell in a subdocument row when exporting the outliner to CSV.
  • Fixed a bug preventing closing Full Screen with the Escape key when the insertion point was in certain script elements.
  • Improved list handling when working cross-platform with Mac.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the asterisk in the titlebar indicating the project’s unsaved state did not appear until after the first save.
  • Improved the load time for projects and Scrivenings sessions.
  • Corrected the Interactive Tutorial’s instructions for creating new root-level folders.
  • Corrected a typo in the auto-numbering menu.


Where does one download from? I’ve tried downloading from the main site and each time I’ve only got the installer for 1.7.2.

Mr X

We are in the process of updating all the servers and links. Meanwhile you might try the following link: literatureandlatte.com/scriv … taller.exe

Just a note: “Define” doesn’t appear in the editor context menu, just the main toolbar and Tools>Writing Tools.

“Define” appears in the context menu only when a definition is available for the selected word.

Except that I can highlight a word and click the Define button that I’ve placed in the toolbar and a definition pops up, but Define doesn’t appear for the same exact word when I right click.

Mmmm, I see, it’s not working right with a text selection. You’ll see it in the context menu if you just leave the insertion point in or next to the word and then right-click. That must’ve been a slip later in the process, because I know it was working earlier. Whoops.

Initial experience of using it on a Mac via Crossover:

  1. For the first time ever, I had to turn off my antivirus software (ClamXav) to install. I have no idea if that is the result of a more recent version of ClamXav, OS-X 10.9.4, or changes within WinScriv.

  2. Having turned off ClamXav, it installed without hitch and more quickly. It also installed in a win7 “bottle”, which 1.6.x didn’t, and seems to run as well in that as in a winxp bottle. The interface looks the same as under XP, though — not that that is a problem.

  3. Although I haven’t used it for any editing, yet, I did notice that inspector comments in an existing project, intially showed on opening but for some reason in "Avenir Next Condensed Demi Bold Italic”, which is ghastly and unreadable. I cannot change that, as any attempt to do so moves focus back to the editor and all the comments disappear from the inspector, and I can’t find a way to bring them back. They still show as “tooltip” type pop-ups if the mouse cursor is placed over the comment highlight in the editor. I am perfectly willing to believe that this may be an artefact of running under Crossover; it happens in both the winxp bottle and the win7 bottle.

I know I am perhaps a special use case, though there are those running it under WINE in Linux, so I merely post this as information — I don’t know where else to post it as, correctly, there is no WINE thread.


Mr X

Edited once to correct typos

Do you possibly have a list, which items changed in the translation?

(May be, I have to update some screenshots in my book)

Thanks, Keith, Lee and ScrivTeam for the many great improvements this year in the 1.x release.

Rgds – Jerome

I’ve said this before–here and on the FB page–but I like to repeat it every so often: Scrivener is absolutely brilliant, hands-down my favourite piece of software. The team behind it are equally fantastic, and so are the folks who use Scriv’, if the forums are any indication.


Thanks for the kind words!

No, sorry. The translations are done by fabulous volunteers, and I don’t know exactly which strings were updated. Mostly I believe it was just the new and changed text from 1.6.1 which wasn’t all updated for the initial 1.7 release.

I suspect I may need to give up my fabulous status as I’ve still not updated the SciFi one. Version 1.7 had a lot of new features all of which needed new text, and also changed the structure of the existing translation files substantially. As a result, some of us (cough, me) have lagged in getting this done. Sorry. :blush:

Check the release notes for 1.7 and that will give you the best indicator of what will have been updated.

Hey. Just discovered this. Thank you. And congrats on the latest update! :smiley:

I’m not sure I understand what this one means.

When it says “changes since the last save,” does that refer to the ongoing auto saves that Scriv does, or to a manual Ctrl-S saves? Both?

Did it require exiting and leaving the project and/or Scrivener to get the File > Backup > [Etc] options to pick up those changes (which, upon reopening, were no longer “changes” per se, but rather just part of the now-current project?


Manual save and auto-save are the same operation, so this means changes since either. Auto-save runs as part of closing the project, so backups made during that procedure weren’t affected by the bug. Likewise, if you used the option to create a backup when performing a manual save, those backups saved all changes. It was only when running either “Back Up Now” or “Back Up To…” after making edits but without saving or leaving enough time for the auto-save to run that those edits could be missing from the backup copy.

Ah, I see. Interesting. I appreciate the explanation.

The addition of define and especially synonym is most welcome! Just one thing – at first I couldn’t find it because I was highlighting the word and then right clicking – if you do this, these are not in the context menu. This is how I usually do it in Word, so I was confused at first.

Yes, we’re aware of the bug with that, and it will be fixed with the next update so the “Define” option appears for selected text. Glad you’re enjoying it otherwise!

Great to hear. Yeah, before this update I kept going to thesaurus.com and it was breaking my flow.