1.7 causes PhraseExpress malfunction (bug?)

PhraseExpress is a very useful tool for automatic text correction and substitution.

For instance to capitalize names I use rules such as anita --> Anita and gruber --> Gruber. It worked well with S1.6.

But with S1.7 I get anita --> nita, gruber --> ruber. The first capital letter is missing. It depends which letter it is however; for instance the substitution berverly --> Beverly still works.

Something must have changed in S1.7 to cause this most peculiar behaviour (on XP). I’m happy to run tests on both Scrivener versions to help resolve the issue, which could point to a bug.

Thanks, we’ve confirmed this bug already and it seems related to the expression being plain-text, but we haven’t yet found the pattern with what letters are lost. The developers have it on the list for investigation, so if you identify any rules for when letters are dropped or other particulars you notice, I’ll add that to their notes!

Thanks for following up on this, MM. Your outstanding support adds a great value to this software.

My observation is that first capital letters A C D G H P S T are omitted, B E F I J K L M N O Q R U V W X Y Z appear to be ok.

Looking forward to a patch.

Thanks! That seems consistent with my tests. Very odd. And you haven’t noticed any issue with digits or lowercase, yes? These all seem to stick for me.

No, I haven’t noticed issues with lower cases (I don’t have digits in my rules). But I haven’t looked for it either. If there are words or expressions you’re interested in I can test them out.

The 1.7.2 update doesn’t fix this problem, does it?

No, we haven’t been able to find the cause yet. It might be that the Qt framework Scrivener uses was updated between 1.6.1 and 1.7.1, in which case this is going to need to be addressed by Qt. But although I’ve been able to reproduce the bug, the developer didn’t have any issues testing on a clean system, even with the specific sample expansion file I provided. So this may be an issue of a third-party software conflict, and I need to do some more testing to see what else I’ve got running that might be hijacking the clipboard. If you have a chance to play with this, try turning off any services or software you run at startup or trying in safe mode to see if you get any changes in the paste behaviour.

Any update on this issue? PhraseExpress is such a wonderful tool and it’s killing me not to be able to use it with Scrivener. Thanks!

We did some further testing in-house and as far as we’ve been able to ascertain, it’s a compatibility problem between the version of Qt and PhraseExpress. We haven’t yet come up with a way around the problem, but if it isn’t resolved with the next Qt update, we’ll continue to investigate to try to devise a workaround.

If you’re desperate, you could look into alternatives to PhraseExpress like Breevy or AutoHotKey. I don’t know if you can export expansions from PE to import into Breevy, but it may be worth checking out. I haven’t heard any reports of a similar problem with either of those, and I know there are folks on the forum who use them with Scrivener.

FWIW I’m using Breevy with Scrivener and there don’t seem to be any issues.


Thanks for the Breevy suggestion. I’m evaluating it now and it seems to work just fine, though I’m hoping not to have to buy yet more software. Hope the issue is resolved in the next update!

Hey guys, I was just testing with the latest PhraseExpress update, 10.5.26, and it seems like they’ve resolved this issue. If you give it a try in 1.7.3, let us know how it’s working!

It still doesn’t work for me.

On my XP system with PhraseExpress v10.5.26d now installed, the substitution anita --> Anita still produces anita --> nita in Scrivener1.7.3.

When I tried 1.7.3 the first time it looked okay. But not after closing the project and reopening it. Isn’t that the case for you?

I’m happy to run more tests to help narrow this down (I posted a question on the PE forum asking about possible interference with Qt but it got no response and shortly thereafter the post was deleted).

PS: Even though I asked to be notified, the Forum didn’t send me mail with your new response (I was just randomly checking), so other people following the thread might not get it either.

Hmph. Something has definitely changed, because my main test expansion from earlier that spits out th capitalised alphabet several times works just fine after the PhraseExpress upgrade, and it did not prior to that. Most of my others are working, too, as well as new ones. But I’ve found one old one that still won’t work, and I made a new one that doesn’t work. So it’s a new level of mystery and I’ll need to go back to this to try and work out what’s making some work and some not–it’s not the rich-text/plaintext issue this time.

There’s a difference too in what happens if you’re in a single text view or Scrivenings mode. That was true earlier as well, but it’s still the case.