1.7 Fails to run after a few days successful operation

I’ve run 1.7 successfully for a few days, but today the program wouldn’t run at all. I got the Beta notice and then the Windows message box stating ‘Scrivener.exe has stopped working…’ After several attempts, including a computer restart, I uninstalled, cleaned the Registry, downloaded a fresh 1.7 installer, installed, and got the same fail. I haven’t added or removed anything else on the computer.

Running Vista Home Premium with all updates.


I think, this is the right place to put what I prepared for a new post…
What I am reporting looks like premises of what happens to ricgerace.
I am on Win7 Home Premium (fully updated as well), with Beta 1.8

Beta 1.8. - Crash every now and then

Within half an hour, about five or six crashes occurred.

They happen on

  • clicking in the binder
  • dragging a piece of text within a scrivening (from one file to the other)
  • copying text (ctrl + insert)
  • clicking in the editor after making a selection in the binder
  • split on selection
  • select a few characters and replace them by a space
  • pressing delete after having selected some text :mrgreen:

Random changes appear after such crashes.

  • The first I noticed is the place of the very first box on launching the program (the one saying that the version will expire on dd-mm-yy).
    Some days ago, I pushed this box out of may way, then back to the centre of my screen.
    Since then, this box always appears in the lower right corner, where I placed it that day. (Have centered it at least twenty times since, with no success)

  • This thime, after crash, I select (again) in the binder the three (very small) files I am working on.
    They appear as corkboard.
    I click on text view, nothing happens.
    I click on corkboard, the window splits horizontally.
    I click on the right button (where “no split” should be, but there is “vertical split”): The vertical split appears, as well as the “no split” button.
    I click on that button, and a single page appears… which is NOT one of the three files selected…

1.7 still non compos mentis. Not running. I uninstalled it again and reinstalled 1.6, but forgot about the expiration date deal. Now I am totally Scrivenerless and answerless. :open_mouth:


Set your computer to an older date, that will work.
1.6. was valid until 15 February, I think…