1.7.x for linux?

hi there, i realise (and fully expect) you are very busy at the moment with 1.7.x for windows, but i just wanted to ask will there be a 1.7.x made available for linux?



I hope the Linux community will really appreciate 1.7.0 - especially now that PDF is natively supported in Linux. In the new version, there are ~50 new features, changes and refinements - as well as ~500 fixes and improvements that will be available on the Linux version.

We will release a stand-alone, debian and hopefully an rpm build - no promises on the rpm, but we are aiming for it.

We will continue to release the Linux version as a beta with a long expiry as Linux will remain unsupported, but we will continue to take the platform into account with each line of code we write daily.

With the exception of Windows specific file format conversion utilities, Linux functionality is almost identical to Windows - we have tried very hard to ensure that.


My hypothetical bar tab for you and Tiho just got bigger, didn’t it? :smiley:

That’s just great Lee. I know it is not a priority but I must say that I am looking forward to a “final” version some day. I would very much like to buy and support what you guys do.

Looking forward to 1.7 :wink:

Thanks very much for your gracious gift to the Linux community, Lee … it is appreciated. I’ve been following your tenacious and dogged efforts on crafting the Windows version; it seems to have been a long slog. As R. Kipling said, “You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din!”

I’ve searched the Linux repos high and low, repeatedly and with great determination, and can confidently say that there is really no comparable note-taking, outlining, journal enabling, or writer’s tool available in any of the distros that can touch Scrivener, even in its beta incarnation for Linux. It is an immensely valuable resource. I use the .deb package, but certainly hope you’re also able to provide the .rpm version for those folks as well.

Thanks again,
and yes, I owe you a row of cold, frosty mugs, myself.

lap, as the o.p. let me add my thanks to those above. :wink:

i’m really looking forward to getting 1.7 going on my debian laptop, and along with others here (and in remarks by others in a lot of other messages here in the past) i especially look forward to being able to buy an official linux version one day. :slight_smile:

all the best,

oh and btw, even though i don’t even currently have it installed, i chose to indirectly support scriv for linux by buying a scriv for windows licence. :wink:

Has anybody tried to run Scrivener for Windows under Linux using WINE?

No, never.

Yup. Latest beta version works out of the box without winetricks overrides. (I’m using WINE 1.7.19.)

Piggy, are you being a PITA?

No, never. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Interesting indeed!

What, never? :mrgreen:

Glad to see 1.7.x is in pipeline for Linux and RPM builds are icing on the cake. Thanks for your hard work. Any ETAs?

Based on recent posts in the Windows forum, my guess is that the crew is still dashing about with Flit guns and fly swatters, dealing with errant insects. May be a bit longer yet. On the bright side, there’ll fewer of 'em in the Linux version.

That is brilliant. Like someone said above, while I don’t use Windows, I’ve purchased a Windows license to put something in the jar for your work on Linux. :slight_smile:

I do hope though that you’ll make it a little bit easier on us 64-bit users and make a 64 bit version.

I’m enjoying Scrivener more and more on my Linux box; would definitely buy when avail! :slight_smile:

I believe the Qt build tools on Linux can make RPMs. The RStudio people make their RPMs that way, and I’ve found they work flawlessly on openSUSE and Fedora. They weren’t very helpful when I asked them how to build them from source, but I’m guessing that’s covered in the Qt documentation.

Meanwhile I did get the tarball to work on my 64-bit Fedora system so an RPM isn’t crucial.

Just started using Scrivener on Linux and it’s great. Very nice program. I can tell the dev team has put a lot of thought into it. I just keep thinking, yep, this is what I need.

I’d love to buy the Linux version to support further development.

Is there a donation button somewhere?