Released - 3rd December 2014

Hi folks,

We have released Scrivener for Windows today. This is an important update. It addresses a critical issue with version handling and contains refinements, changes and bug fixes reported since the release Here are the highlights:

Refinements and Changes

  • Scrivener no longer defaults to using Microsoft Office for DOC, DOCX, and PDF conversions when Word is installed. These converters can be selected from the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options (supported for installations of Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, and 2013).
  • The Enter key now creates new lines rather than ending editing in custom meta-data in the inspector when the meta-data field is set to wrap text.
  • Overtype mode now toggles only when the Insert key is pressed within Scrivener, rather than keeping the insert state persistent between applications.
  • The Convert to Standard Collection command now uses ‘s’ rather than ‘c’ as the accelerator key to avoid conflicts.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)

  • Fixed a critical bug with version detection that could allow incompatible projects to open, potentially corrupting the project.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Scrivener to crash when moving items in the outliner or corkboard while the spilt editors were linked.
  • Fixed a bug whereby new text could be lost from the corkboard when changing the editor view while editing a synopsis.

Minor (Usability)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause inline annotations and footnotes to convert to regular text when using the convert to inspector comment or to inspector footnote commands on other selected text in the document. This bug could also cause inspector footnotes to convert to inspector comments and cause anchor highlighting on linked notes not to display until the project was reloaded after converting selected inspector notes to inline.
  • Fixed a bug whereby selecting only part of an inline annotation and choosing Convert > Inline Annotations to Inspector Comments lost the annotation formatting without converting the selection.
  • Fixed a bug causing comments and footnotes converted to the default formatting to revert to their previous formatting if not edited after the conversion.
  • Fixed a bug whereby inline annotations within a table did not convert correctly to inspector comments or compile properly as comments to RTF, DOC, or DOCX.
  • Fixed a bug whereby using the Undo command in the inspector synopsis could replace it with a duplicate of the previously viewed document’s synopsis.
  • Fixed a bug whereby dragging and dropping between project binders could copy subdocuments more than once if they were selected with their parent container.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Undo history was cleared whenever clicking OK or Apply in Options. Undo history is now cleared only when the editor margin has been changed, currently still necessary to avoid document layout and print problems.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Redo stack to break when using Ctrl+Shift+Z rather than the Edit > Redo menu command or assigned shortcut.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause initial formatting in an inline footnote to extend to the entire footnote when compiled to RTF, DOC, and DOCX.
  • Fixed a compile bug preventing placeholder tags preceded by the <$rst> tag from being replaced correctly in an ebook’s automatically-generated table of contents.
  • Fixed a bug whereby a duplicated container’s subdocuments had a 0 word/character count until the documents were edited.
  • Fixed a bug causing footnote references to always use Courier New when compiling to RTF, DOC, and DOCX.
  • Fixed a bug preventing script mode in Scrivenings. Script documents now remain in script mode when loaded in a Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a bug whereby custom icons were not included when using Save As Template.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the automatic check for updates from running.


  • Fixed a bug causing expanded containers in the outliner to collapse when a document was moved out of the outliner.
  • Fixed a bug in Full Screen that locked the inspector to the top document in a Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a bug in Full Screen that disabled the comment & footnote buttons in the inspector.
  • Fixed a bug that switched the inspector in the main window to displaying comments & footnotes whenever inspector notes were added in Full Screen mode.
  • Fixed a bug preventing keyboard shortcuts for Highlight and Text Color from working in Full Screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Define” and “Synonym” options not to appear in the contextual menu when text was selected.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Purchase Scrivener option did not appear in the Help menu when Scrivener was not registered.
  • Corrected a typo in the project replacement dialog.
  • Fixed several typos in the French interface translation.
  • Removed an outdated Camp NaNoWriMo project template.


Aren’t they all? :slight_smile:


I believe you will all agree that some updates are more important than others. This update is for sure an important one. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

No problems with it here, although I’m using the native build more. Linux update to follow? :slight_smile:

You might add something like this to the original post in this thread:

To download the latest version, click here:

literatureandlatte.com/scriv … ersion-1_8

Lee, Tiho, and all in the background always in these things,

Must thank you for the great work.

This is indeed a very important update – reading the full list. A real Christmas present

It should remove so many of the ‘mysterious things’ people once in a while run into, and make Scrivener with its modernized framework the really dependable writer’s tool which we know that it is.

Solid, i think we call that.

And just before I am going to be putting Scrivener to some very serious and long-term work…

All the best, and to your families, however the seasons are around Christmas,

p.s. to Lee:

I hadn’t known about your book, but discovered it in the About section of the L&L website.

I think you should re-release this!

Reason: Have a look at the offer price for a used copy.


USD 1500!

Or a revised edtion - people do this by adding a second introduction, if nothing else need change…

Best again,
who would read it

I’m not seeing the custom meta data in the Inspector at all. Am I missing how to switch it on?

Fourth tab at the bottom, between Keywords and Snapshots.

Rgds – Jerome

With the new update, I am unable to create numbered lists in Courier New. I can create them in, for example, Times New Roman, but when I change the font to Courier New, the numbered lists become bullet lists.

Any ideas?

I’m not having any trouble creating numbered lists in Courier New, or selecting an existing list in another font and changing it to Courier New. Could you provide the exact steps you’re using? Maybe I’m misunderstanding where or how you’re creating the list. For example, I just started a new document, set the font to Courier New, then selected the first numbered list style from the format bar and wrote a few list items in the editor.