1.8.0 - Buggy PDF Export

I have installed Scrivener on two computers, one running the news build and one still running the version.

When exporting the project with the 1.8 version to a PDF:

  • the TOC is no longer made up of hyperlinks
  • the page numbers reference the current page number the TOC is printed on. So if a TOC spans pages 2 and 3, the entries on page two show the page number “2”, while those on page three show “3” and so on…

When I export my project to PDF in the 1.7.3 version the TOC has correct page numbers and consists of links allowing to jump to the topic.

mind, it is the same project file with the same export settings.

PDF export with the linked TOC and page numbers requires the Microsoft Office converters. Assuming you have Word 2007-2013 (not 365) installed on the computer with Scrivener 1.8, go to Tools > Options and choose Import/Export, then click Export Converters… and select “PDF” from the left drop-down menu and “Microsoft Office” from the right. This is the same in 1.7.3 and 1.8, but the MS Office converters are not the defaults in 1.8 because they were posing problems for users of Office 365.

Thank you Jennifer,

that did the trick!