- "Ctrl + A" does not select the whole doc anymore

Hi guys,

since I updated my Scrivener to the new version I got the problem that “Ctrl + A” does not select the whole doc anymore. I tried and tried with several projects and whatever, but no chance anymore.

If I click inside the binder on the whole document to select it…

then I click in the Editor to activate it to select the whole document by “Ctrl+A”.
but it selects only the part where I randomly clicked inside in the Editor.

That means only the chapter OR the sequence OR whatever is randomly selected inside the editor, but never the whole document again.

In the version before all still worked fine…

Hope you can help me or find the “bug”… :slight_smile:

It sounds like you may be loading a Scrivenings session in the editor, i.e. more than one document is being loaded. Scrivener cannot currently (nor could it previously) select all the text of a Scrivenings session; it can only select the text of individual documents within the session. This will change in a future version, as Scrivenings is being overhauled, but for the time being you will need to select text from each item individually. Depending what you’re doing with the copied text, you may find it easier to just run a quick compile of the container and its subdocuments, then work with that compiled document.

Thank you very much for your reply!
yes it was a Scrivenings session (all chapters and subchapters of a book open and seen) in the editor to arrange them and make them look all the same already in the editor.
I always prefer to have the right style for my whole document during typing (not after compiling).

It is strange, I am so sure that I could do that “Ctrl + A” thing in the version before in the editor with the whole text and not only document per document… :wink:

but ok, maybe I only dreamed about it… haha… :slight_smile:

So I will wait for an update… thank you nevertheless and still good luck with your great program! :slight_smile: