1.9.5 Update items?

I did see I think, info that there might be an update that would allow users to “sync” between a file that has been edited and then make the changes in the Scriv file…

Do I have that correct?

As for me, I write in Scriv–compile to a Word .doc to send to my editor who makes all the changes–then copy and paste in from the edited Word .doc back into a new Scriv.

WAY too much work…but I’ve no workaround…

Till now, maybe?

Testing External Folder Sync might be something you want try. There is a chapter describing the External Folder Sync inside the new Scrivener manual available from the Help menu.

wow…pretty thick going thru that whole manual area…

so can I ask-is it possible to just have a Word .doc and a Scriv novel “sync’d” ?

so that when I make and save changes in the Word .doc – it’d automatically make the same changes to the corresponding Scriv file too?

ie say I change a name in the Word .doc from Helen to Betty - does that mean that in the Scriv file, when I open it up – all of the Helens would be changed to be Bettys?

IF SO…then I’d like to know more…


can anyone help here?

Sorry, but I think the silence here pretty much addresses the issue: Scriv is for drafting. Word is for final formatting & ‘pretty-print’ polishing. So trying to sync Word back into a Scriv draft is not the plan; there’s no linkage.

I’ve posted (and emailed) a work-around, but it requires a different markup and file-handling method. It works well for us, but … it’s a different animal.

Short answer to ‘automatic changes linkage’: no way.

@JVRudnik: As much as I understand your request, it is possible. The workflow is as follows.

  1. Open your Scrivener project
  2. Choose File > Sync with External folder. Select DOC/RTF/TXT format and options after your use case. Select an external folder to export the project files.
  3. Sync and find your exported files on the HDD. Close Scrivener to avoid any unexpected document changes.
  4. Modify your external files with Word or any other word processor.
  5. Go into Scrivener and Sync with External folder again.
  6. Your external changes will appear within the same document you edited outside of Scrivener. In case of conflicts(the same file edited within Scrivener and outside) a conflicted document will be created, i.e. no text/data will be lost, but manual resolution might be needed in this conflicting case. If you edit different documents within Scrivener and outside of Scrivener it will be all resolved automatically.

Thank you. I tested the “sync” function with .rtf; it works nicely; even via a dropbox folder linked to sync.
I’m a bit confused about the choices in the sync ‘file type’ box: mine (ScrivWin 1.9.6 via WINE on Linux) shows "Plain Text | Rich Text (RTF) | Final Draft (FDX). No “Doc” format shown.

It is nice to see that apparently I can sync “filename.md.txt” draft files, saving much copy/paste actions.

Lovely feature! Thanks!
(My apologies for the ‘bum advice’ offered previously.)

You are correct Graybyrd. It is not possible to use DOC files at the moment. I have slipped the DOC format above. Missing DOC format should not be a problem, as Word and almost any sophisticated text editor is working smoothly with RTF files. TXT files is always an option, too. The good feature with TXT files, is that Scrivener will try to preserve your unmodified rich text, and sync as plain text only the modified contents. If you need to preserve your full rich text formatting, the RTF format is preferred.