[1.9 and 2.1] - 1.9 showing update to 1.9 available

If I click Help -> Check for Updates… within Beta 1.9 it shows a dialog box which says You are currently running Scrivener version: 019. Below that, it shows the release notes for Beta 1.9 and offers to update to version 1.9.

I initially discovered this bug after using the Check for Updates feature on 1.7, which installed 1.9, so I figured it might have been the updater still thinking it was 1.7 somewhere, but I was able to reproduce this bug on a clean install of 1.9 on a different system.

This bug is present on XP SP3 and W7 SP1 x64.


Ehm. I can confirm that.

After a clean install of 0.21, this problem is still present.

Screenshot of 0.21 on XP SP3:

I’ve seen this with 020 and 021.

I can confirm this as well.