1.9 Can't Import[BUG LOGGED]

For the last few updates I’ve been working with projects I created in Scrivener for Windows. Today I tried for the first time to import a document–one chapter of a novel, in .doc format. I have been unable to import that or any .doc file.

I get the Import dialogue window, but when I then Import, I get nothing–just a blank screen. I tried saving a .doc file to an .rtf file to see if that worked, but apparently Scrivener doesn’t recognize .rtf files. Anyway, I see that people have reported Import problems for 1.7 and 1.8. It’s happening with 1.9, too, unless there’s some obvious thing I’m doing wrong and just don’t see. Which is possible–but a function like Import should be pretty idiot proof.

Everything else about Scrivener seems to be working okay for me, although there are a lot of features and menu options I haven’t tried.

Running Windows Vista Home Premium on laptop, Win 7 on netbook.

Try converting to a plain text file before importing. And maybe remove things like section breaks.


Thanks for the suggestion. The file did import into Scrivener after I saved it as .txt, although with ridiculously huge para indents that I will have to fix manually. But although I’m happy to have gotten the material into Scrivener, am I wrong in thinking that Scrivener is supposed to be able to import .doc files? If that’s a feature I shouldn’t be expecting, then there’s no bug.

This is a bug. I just tried it myself, importing a doc and got the same result - blank screen. We’ll fix this.

Thanks, Lee. I have utmost confidence that you’ll get it fixed. And I should have said that despite the occasional glitch–the nature of the beta beast–I love Scrivener for Windows.

Select the whole document (Ctrl A).

Right click on the tab bar at the tab position you want for the whole doc. From the drop menu select the kind of tab you want. That should set all tabs.

@ricgerace–Thanks again!

I had a similar problem–and forgive me, not sure where I should be posting this, so I’m trying here first because this looks like a similar problem.
I had scrivener 1.6 and when I downloaded 1.9, I couldn’t open my scrivener file. Mimetic Mouton helped me (thanks again!) unzip my file and walked me through importing the various parts of my scrivener document back into my binder in 1.9.
While I couldn’t import all the documents and document notes back into scrivener all at once, I did do them in small batches and recreated my scrivener file. A little painstaking, but I was able to do some reorganization.
One weird thing: as I got to item 60 or so (I had about 80 items) and I was dragging about 5-10 items at a time back into the binder), scrivener kept shutting down/crashing. Every time I reopened it, everything was there, but it happened 5-6 times.
The entire size of what I was importing back into the binder was 10MB, but I was doing it in bits and pieces (mostly b/c trying to import the entire thing at once didn’t work), between 5-10 items at a time, so I can’t really tell how big the chunk that was causing scrivener to shut down was. I tried isolating the chunk, but that didn’t work.
I’m running Windows XP Pro, version 2002, service pack 3.