1.9 losing font and spacing setting, crash on CUT/PASTE

I went back to work on my novel, which needs to be in the COURIER NEW 12 DOUBLE SPACE

I made sure my options for Scrivener were COURIER NEW 12 DOUBLE SPACE, but anytime I add a new chapter it defaults to VERDANA 11 SINGLE SPACE

I then change the chapter manually to be COURIER NEW 12 DOUBLE SPACE but as soon as I leave the page and come back, the top section the blank spaces above and including the chapter number go right back to VERDANA 11 SINGLE SPACE
(this is true for all the chapters I’ve put in)

What am I doing wrong?

If anyone has a solution please tell me.

I’ve also had scrivener crash many many times today (over 8 times) when I was cutting and pasting text from one chapter to another.