1.9 release will not open

I had great success for two days. I’ve done a reinstall twice (after uninstalling) and I get the screen that says this version will expire March 21. I click okay. The icon shows up in the windows 7 ribbon, and when I hover over it I can see the corkboard with my note cards but I can’t get it to open on my desktop.
Any ideas?

now it says project open on another machine except there is no other machine…
And when I reinstalled 1.9 it didn’t put an icon on my desktop.

now I get this error
The program can’t start because QtWebKit4.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Okay, I’ll try again. This is the 6th try.

It still won’t open.
Any suggestions? Please?

I think someone in the linux forum had the same issue with it and wine…(so essentially the windows version.) I’m not sure he/she resolved it, though.

Edit: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/incompatible-with-kde-4-6-1/11682/1

Here we go. That’s a library I know is provided with Scrivener, so there shouldn’t be any problem with it. That is, it’s being loaded with the program, not the system one. I wonder if it’s related?

(Further edit to explain: a lot of linux distros come with Qt libraries, since it’s used for a lot, like one of our desktop managers, KDE, and a whole host of other programs. Scrivener uses its own custom versions of them, so system libraries of Qt shouldn’t be entering into it, or so I understand.)

thanks, but I’m not understanding. Does this mean I should just wait now for the final release? This is bad, really bad for me. I need my stuff. :slight_smile:

You can still access your documents. The .scriv is just a normal folder that can be opened by windows explorer. Your stuff should be in the files sub folder.

Regarding the project itself. Have you tried copying the project.scrivx within the scriv folder itself and deleting the original of the project you are trying to open?